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Past Project in Detail

Humes - Design of an e-brochure


LtoR: T.Sahama (QUT), D. Wheeley & B. James (Humes), Satish Bhadranna (QUT student)  

Design an e-brochure for Humeceptor product - Humes (Master of IT)

Humes produces concrete pipe and reinforced concrete products. Humes is one of the two leading suppliers in Australia, with production capacity in excess of a million tonnes per year. The Humes environmental products range and specifically the Humeceptor range are critical to the growth and long-term sustainability of the company.

Humeceptor is a pollution prevention device that efficiently removes oil and sediment from stormwater, and stores them for safe and easy removal. Of course, every product needs marketing and e-marketing is an effective and cost efficient method of promoting products and services.

David Wheeley of Humes identified this project as a different way of presenting information to customers about the company and specifically, the Humeceptor product and he selected Satish Bhadranna, QUT Master of IT student for the project. Satish’s objectives were to produce a new interactive CD brochure (e-brochure), to replace their outdated product CD. The CD format allows customers to access more information and technical details than a ‘traditional’ brochure. This format would also allow easy access to Humes design software installation, and would link to the Humes website.

The content of the e-brochure would include:

· Company history

· Company products

· Applications

· Design

· Installation/maintenance

· Test data

· Humes locations

Humes provided the company/product information for the e-brochure. Satish was asked to ensure his design would be suitable for both PC and Mac users, and would be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with the ability to incorporate sound, music and dynamic images. In the future, Humes could add digital video and updated test data.

After comparing a number of programs/languages, Satish chose Macromedia Director MX software to create the e-brochure, because of its compatibility with both PC and Mac and its ease of use. Satish chose a ‘browser’ format for the e-brochure, which would be familiar to most users, and easy to navigate.

Satish delivered the finished e-brochure to Humes on time and David Wheeley was very pleased with the result. He commented “Satish has done an excellent job...a dramatic improvement to the old CD”. The Humes Marketing and Management teams have also commented that they are very happy with the end-product.

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