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Past Project in Detail

Fusion Sport - Development of 'Smart Speed' Protocol Editor and Report Generator



Development of Smart Speed Protocol Editor and Report Generating Tool – Fusion Sport (2 x Master of IT students)

Winners of the 2003 University of Queensland ‘Enterprize Business Competion – Open category’, Fusion Sport have developed an innovative electronic sport coaching tool, ‘SmartSpeed’ – a world first. To see SmartSpeed in action, take a look at the cover of Brisbane’s White Pages 04/05 directory!

Fusion Sport moved into i.Lab (an incubator for high-tech start up companies) in 2004 to assist with the development and commercialisation of their product. SmartSpeed is an electronic system, which can be used to train and assess critical aspects of sports performance – speed, endurance, race-pacing, reaction time and decision making, in all land-based sports. It gives coaches greater control over the training environment, and provides challenging training sessions, and feedback for athletes. The system also has implications for spectator sports and broadcasting, providing real-time information and instant comparison with records and personal best times.

In July 2004, Eric Lai and Michael Leung Chi Kit (QUT Master of IT students) commenced two CEED projects for Fusion Sport, under the supervision of Dr Douglas Moore. Eric worked on developing a ‘Report Generating Tool’, and Michael developed an upgraded ‘Protocol Editor’. The students were excited about using various integrated technologies for their projects, including Bluetooth, Web Service, Pocket PC CE programming and MS SQL server.

Eric’s project extended SmartSpeed’s functionality, so that coaches can obtain full graphical and detailed data analysis reports on their Pocket PC, in real-time during/after training sessions. The reporting tool was designed to work in a secure environment (using a secure user login authentication system) and provide synchronisation of data between the coach’s Pocket PC (out on the training field) and the main office’s desktop PC, via SQL Server. Eric’s tool also allows the coach to view and print various styles of graphs and data reports for single training sessions or combinations of single/many training sessions and players. The technology/programming languages that Eric used include C#, MS Visual Studio.Net, Crystal reports, SSL, SQL CE and SQL Server.

Michael needed to understand some basic sports science to develop his ‘Protocol Editor’. He learned about protocols – a set of directions and measurements directed to and collected from athletes performing a drill to increase their sporting performance. He also learned about the various types of protocols that coaches use for training, and how they design and measure the layout of the electronic ‘gates’, which guide the athlete/s through their training session. Michael’s design now enables the coach to add new protocols to their ‘Desktop Protocol Editor’ including sub-sessions, gates per track or changes to the distance between gates. Michael also developed ‘pacing’ protocols – which allow the coach to control sequences of flashing lights, buzzers and other commands on the electronic gates. He then updated the User Interface, to allow for the display/edit/addition of protocols and notes, using ‘drag and drop’. A menu and help system was also added, to assist the user. The new Desktop Protocol Editor allows a coach to upload/download protocols, pacing, reports and graphs between the desktop PC in the office and their Pocket PC, in preparation for (or after) a training session. Michael also designed an import/export protocol, which allows coaches in different locations using different SmartSpeed systems, to share protocols.

Photo - L to R (back): Deidre Marczynski (CEED), Tony Sahama (QUT), Trevor Taylor (QUT), Douglas Moore (Fusion Sport), Ernest Foo (QUT). (Front): Michael Leung Chi Kit and Eric Lai (QUT students)

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