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Design adv. cooling channels - reduce cycle time for injection moulding (materials, 3D modelling)

Confidential company

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Closed Posted: 04 Dec 18. Closes: 10 Jan 19 Available: Semester 1 (Feb - Jun)

Semester 1 2019 project

This project will suit a final year Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering student - with an interest in materials, 3D modelling and heat transfer.

Enrolment will be in final year thesis / Masters project - Sem 1 2019. 

The successful applicant will receive a $3,000 scholarship + academic credit - thesis project enrolment (24cps-QUT, 6units - UQ ME, 4units - UQ Mechatronics, 2units - USQ).

APPLICANTS NOTE - you must be available to work on this project 3-4 days / week during Semester 1 2019 (working around your lecture timetable for Sem1). This project will be your final year thesis topic - enrolment/assessment in Semester 1 2019.

APPLICANTS MUST INCLUDE (in your CV): student ID number, your unofficial academic transcript/s on final pages of your CV, including Semester 2 subject list (and results). 

Location: Brisbane-G.Coast corridor QLD
Categories: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering

Project Background / Description

Our business has been building injection moulding tooling for over 25 years as the main part of our business.  This part of our business has incorporated various technology advances, over time.  It has also experienced significant challenges which has resulted in a downturn in this part of its business. 

Over recent years, the business has seen a rise in the tooling of its business as a result of various factors, namely the rising cost of doing business in Asia as well as advances in metal 3D printing.  Some previously time consuming and high cost products are now being challenged due to the relative ease of producing complex parts.

The implementation of optimised cooling channels in tooling has changed this possibility by virtue of the freedom gained in 3D metal printing.

In injection moulding, tooling has not yet been disrupted as until now all parts need to be machined in some way. 

We are challenging this theory by teaming up with CSIRO to improve one of the most challenging areas of moulding.  Reducing the cycle time in plastic injection moulding is of significant importance to industry. 

Our business wants to develop one of the most advanced cooling methods in Australia and offer this process to our clients by way of increasing throughput in production, cycle time and in some cases part quality.

NOTE: due to the commercially sensitive nature of this project, additional details will only be provided to students who are invited to attend an interview. Thanks for your understanding.


We are a family-owned business that has provided world class customer solutions and high volume quality plastic products to tier one customers for 24 years. The head office is located mid-way between Brisbane-Gold Coast, Queensland.

As a leader in the plastics industry with over 150 years’ combined staff experience, our highly skilled team of designers, toolmakers and plastics technicians assist our clients by ensuring products are fit for purpose, not over budget and manufactured within the specified timeframe.

We are proudly ISO 9001 quality assured and our quality objectives are to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and to ensure we efficiently provide service excellence through a quality driven culture and documentation. In support of our quality focus, is our exemplary record of safety in the workplace.

Our company is fully committed to continuous improvement through innovation. A culture based on entrepreneurial spirit provides our team with the flexibility and creativity to address the requirements of our clients when designing new products. One of our key innovations is collaboration for R & D in recycling by-products into plastic, a product that we can employ with any client at their request. We are also moving into advanced manufacturing and additive technologies, which are available to all our clients.

Our corporate objective and company culture will ensure our business continually improves its product and service offering to all new and existing clientele.

Objectives / Tasks / Project Outcomes

Project objectives - working in conjunction with project partner, CSIRO: 

  • Investigate and Understand what areas traditional cooling systems are the best
  • Using 3d modelling software design experiments, create validation studies, report the effects of various methods
  • Develop advanced cooling channels by understanding the behaviours of plastics and optimising cooling
  • Develop advanced materials to maximise cooling efficiencies/heat transfer whilst not compromising part quality
  • Develop formulas for best materials to use
  • Develop and document methods of optimised cooling and material
  • Develop and document construction, flow paths of cooling channels
  • Test methodologies to confirm which materials are best
  • Thermal comparison tests (traditional V’s conformal) and the documented result outcomes of each study


Specific tasks:

  • Understand what is currently being used in the plastics industry.  Identify what are the failures and successes and how we can improve
  • Design the test methods
  • Study the test results
  • Report findings and document

Skills / Experience Required

  • Solid Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering skills – current final year / Masters student; with an interest in materials
  • Good understanding of various metals in particular injection moulding tool steels
  • Good understanding of thermal cooling/heating transferring in metals
  • Understanding of injection moulding process
  • Ability to design using 3d modelling software
  • Good communication skills – oral, written
  • High standard of report writing skills
  • Drive to get results for our family business
  • Ability to work well with team members and key stake holders
  • Self-motivated

  • Office is located close to a train station – for ease of transport

  • No qualified Engineer available to supervise in company – note if needed for WIL / Professional Practice requirements. CSIRO Engineer available to liaise with (Melbourne-based).

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