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Induction charging for mobile mining equipment

Mining3 - project 1

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Open Posted: 15 Oct 19. Closes: 15 Jan 20 Available: Semester 1 (Feb - Jun)

Semester 1 2020 project (February start). Could be a Sem1+2 project if thesis/Masters project enrolment is possible across both semesters.

** UQ students only **


Suited to: final year or Master of Electrical Engineering students (UQ). If you are selected, the project will be your final year thesis / Masters project topic so you must be eligible to enrol in the appropriate unit/s during Semester 1 2020.

The successful applicant will receive a $3,000 scholarship + academic credit for enrolment/assessment (4units - UQ ITEE).  

If selected, you must be available to work on the project onsite for 3 days/week during Semester 1 2020 (working around lecture timetable).

APPLICANTS NOTE: you must include your academic transcript/s inside your resume - unofficial transcript for current degree + transcript for past degree - Masters students) + your student ID number.  Combine your resume and transcript/s into one doc/pdf.  We cannot progress your application until you provide this info in your resume.

For UQ ITEE students - you must have a study plan approved before your application can be accepted by CEED - to ensure you can enrol in the correct thesis/project unit for a CEED project. You must make an appointment with an academic advisor to have your study plan reviewed and approved.  

Contact: Dr Alex Pudmenzky -  [email protected] ASAP.

Location: Pinjarra Hills QLD
Category: Electrical Engineering

Project Background / Description

Mining3 is conducting research to move the mining industry towards a zero-carbon footprint. One aspect of this is developing more efficient haulage systems that are based on battery and electric drive technologies. The duty system of mining equipment places harsh demands on batteries so one proposed concept is to provide more frequent opportunities to charge equipment as they are operating through a “wireless” induction system.

Students have been working on the project since 2018 to develop a proof-of-concept autonomous electric hauler (AEH), which will provide a useful testbed for the induction system. 


Mining3 is a world-leading research organisation, directed by its global mining industry members to develop and deliver transformational technology to improve the productivity, sustainability, and safety of the mining industry.

Our world-class researchers and engineers develop tangible solutions to industry-identified challenges using both fundamental and applied research, while leveraging our extensive history and acquired knowledge.

By bringing industry and research expertise together, we collaboratively accelerate the delivery of real-world solutions from our research, ensuring they are available to the market as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Objectives / Tasks / Project Outcomes

The aim of this project is to investigate and further develop the induction charging system for the autonomous electric hauler. The focus in 2020 will be on building and testing 2 or 3 coil configurations to better understand the efficiency of power transfer as the primary and secondary coils are moved apart in distance and laterally. The intent is that the AEH is charged as it is travelling over the primary coil system.

Tasks include:

  • Conduct a literature review relating to autonomous electric haulers and power systems (including induction systems used in other industries)
  • Use the Ansys models for the induction power system (electromagnetic field modelling for different mutual induction coil/field configurations) to study different configurations of coils
  • Design, prototype, and test 2-3 primary and secondary coil designs, considering the practical implementation constraints and requirements of a mining environment
  • Analyse and report on the results

Skills / Experience Required

  • A desire to learn, experiment, and work with others, with a safety-first mindset.
  • Final year or Master of Electrical Engineering (thesis or Masters project unit enrolment)

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