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Student developed a web-based mapping system for one of their internal government clients, Education Queensland.

Shivir Sharma, Master of IT student from QUT, completed this project for Dept of Local Government and Planning (as it was called) in 2003.

After completion of the EdMap project via CEED, Russell commented that, "this was an experimental project which was designed to streamline processes in a problem area" (creation of on-demand maps integrated with internet based geo-spatial software).  "Partipating in a CEED project allowed us to bring the project forward because of affordability.  Ross was also interested in providing a research opportunity for a student, and working with a University on the project."

The outcome of the project was a significant time saving for the Department and their client.  The previously manual system took 2 hours to generate a customised map.  After completion of this CEED project, it only took 10 minutes .... and the client can generate the map themselves via the web-based system, and print it locally if they wish.

All parties were extremely pleased with the ‘product’ that Shivir delivered for them. The Education Queensland representatives who attended Shivir’s final project presentation were also impressed with how much knowledge Shivir gained during a relatively short time about their needs and how they wanted to use the mapping service.

As Russell said “everyone who has seen EdMap have raved about it and are convinced it is the way to go in the future”.  Shivir continued working on a 3 month contract after the CEED project finished - to 'tweak' EdMap, and work on a new project within the Department.

Shivir Sharma (left) during his CEED project in 2003