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Unedited comments from companies who hosted a CEED project in early 2010

These are actual comments made by CEED clients, when surveyed after their projects (edited for confidentiality only)

Timing:  projects completed in Summer semester and/or Semester 1, 2010

Q: How has/will this CEED project benefit your organisation?

"The work done improved efficiency on our production lines. Additional work ideintified areas for future improvement."

"We had the opportunity to work with a student and also guide him through the research and development of the project.  The software will help in limiting the types of comms devicee used for different communications protocols. We are not limited to one type of comms hardware connectivity"

"Developed solid models for escalating costs, updated data for use in future tenders, identified talented student for graduate role."

"Better understanding of our processes"

"Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our management of contractors."

"Both projects should identify opportunities for improvement."

"Provides input to a re-structured model and approach, provides demonstrable prototype"

"A starting point for further work"

"Has provided some background research"

"This project has simplified our systems and is creating a way to ensure that all components of our company procedures are followed."

"The project benefited us by enabling us to further clarify our business' requirements."

"When implemented, the new system will provide a more robust mechanism for interfacing with the RTA.  It will also allow us to manage the interface more effectively and provide better service to our customers."

"Greatly assists in the management of site based risks and presents a base line to work from."

"It has openned some new "doors" in regards to solving mechanical with one of our RF structures."

"Provides the basis for a new product development"

"Allow improvement of safety management system"

Q:  What factor/s influenced your decision to sponsor a CEED student, for this project?

  • We had worked with CEED on many other projects 
  • Opportunity to access semi-skilled resource, help out a potential graduate with industry experience
  • Have done so in the past and always find them to be value-adding to our company. 
  • Outcome for Cost 
  • Past sucess with other students. 
  • Previous experience 
  • Access to good technical resources at a easily consumable price 
  • Previous experience was positive 
  • Previous experience with CEED student and interest in promoting careers in the sustainability space. 
  • Past projects performed at (x company) including myself. 
  • Previous good experience with CEED 
  • CEED students have been used on other (x company) projects in Brisbane.  This was an opportunity to bring the program to NSW.  As the project was using leading edge technology, it was good that (the student) was not afraid to try new things. 
  • We need to work through the project in a systematic way. It lends itself to a CEED project. 
  • Cost, limited on-site resources, availability. 
  • This research project was not given any attention. We though if we had a studient working on it it would force us to get back into it. 
  • Used CEED in another part of the organisation

Q: What did you enjoy MOST about supervising this CEED student?

  • The understanding and the desire to learn by the student. 
  • Being able to impart some industry knowledge, initial enthusiasm displayed by student (this wore off as the tasks became more familiar / tedious) 
  • Learning from their perspective, as it is fresh and an "outside pair of eyes", seeing what they think of our day-to-day operations. 
  • Interaction and the learning process 
  • See him develop a sence of being part of the team and become responsible for his work. 
  • Both (students) were very enthusiastic and committed to achieving the best result that they could in the time available. They followed advice well. It is always a pleasure to see (and to help cause) the rapid transition in the student's capabilities during the project and to see them achieve a good result for their thesis. 
  • Working through the delivery of the solutions 
  • Guiding him through a real world example of how he could apply his skills and knowledge in a practical way. 
  • The student was able to self manage but also could take direction quite well even when contradicting what they had already been doing. 
  • (Student's) positivity.  He fitted in well with the project team to an extent where he was just another team member. 
  • Their enthusiasm 
  • A fresh set of eyes entering the workplace. 
  • Making some progress on the project 
  • Didn't need that much 'supervising'; but very much enjoyed the interaction 
  • Widening students perspective about the work culture in a commercial environment