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CEED provides industry/companies/government with an easy, structured and managed way to access a wide range of University students – for completion of specific industry-based projects.

Since 1992, CEED students have successfully completed over 1,000 industry-based projects, mainly located around South-East Queensland.

CEED projects are more than what is sometimes referred to as ‘work experience’, ‘vacation work’ or 'work integrated learning' – they are specific projects of ~15 weeks' duration, which are usually challenging for the student and provide a tangible result for the industry partner.  CEED projects are usually more ‘practical’ in nature than theoretical or research-based, but companies are welcome to register pure research projects for completion, too.  More information about project suitability can be found here.

Students work on their project, on-site with the company, for a minimum of 3 days/week throughout a semester (~15 weeks).  For longer/more complex projects, companies can choose to start their project over summer vacation, and continue through 1st semester (duration of ~26 weeks).  More information about student/project availability can be found here.

Demian Gibbons, Foster's Australia ProjectCEED also provides companies and government with a way to ‘give back’ to emerging professionals (students) by providing them with meaningful projects, and training/mentoring.  The time and effort invested by company/government mentors raises the standard of emerging graduates, for the benefit of the host company and their industry.

Industry partners increasingly utilise CEED projects as a way to trial and identify future graduate employees, who have shown they fit into their company’s culture and ‘way of doing things’.  CEED offers a low risk way for companies and government to identify students who can make an easy transition into their graduate recruitment programs.

All CEED students are volunteers – i.e. they are keen to complete an industry-based project, rather than an academic project, as part of their University studies.  Students understand that the solid industry experience gained via CEED projects will give them an ‘edge’ when applying for graduate employment positions, and a good transition from University to the workforce.  They enjoy learning from and working with experienced industry ‘mentors’ ... as well as contributing their knowledge and fresh ideas to the outcome of a real project.  Students also enjoy planning and managing a challenging, real life project.  Students are paid a scholarship, which comes out of the project fee – payable by clients, for each project.  Students also receive academic credit points/units towards their degree, for completing a CEED project (the project is integrated with their studies, and is assessed by their University).

Normally, one student is appointed to each project.  However, if the company believes the project needs more than one student, please let us know.  CEED will advise the company if we believe the scope is too large for one student to complete within the project timeframe, and discuss available options.

The CEED Program Director and team have extensive industry backgrounds and experience (they're not University staff), which means that we understand and care about the needs of our industry and government clients, as well the needs of our students.  Over many years, CEED has developed valuable links with each of our participating Universities ... so we can quickly locate the right students and/or academic staff, to help our clients.

CEED provides a link for industry into four of Queensland / Sydney’s major Universities .... to find the students that companies are looking for.  This saves time and effort for our clients, and gives them a larger pool of students to choose from, for their projects.  Clients have access to students from a wide range of disciplines/areas at the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the University of Southern Queensland (USQ); and the University of Sydney (USYDNEY). 

Interested in hosting a CEED project?  How do you get started?  Click here to see if your project idea is suitable for a student; click here to see how a CEED project / student can benefit you.

When you're ready to proceed, simply register your project online here.  For any queries, please email Graham or Deidre on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 07 3841 5500.