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A wide range of industry projects are suitable for CEED students.

As a guide, CEED students can undertake the type / level of project that you would normally give to a 1st year/recent graduate (i.e. someone who has just completed an undergraduate degree).  Keep in mind that the student needs to be engaged/busy working on the project for a minimum of 3 days/week for ~15 weeks (duration of a normal semester).  The project should be of a size that can be completed and documented in this timeframe (allowing time for data gathering, testing, analysis, ordering of parts, etc if applicable).

CEED provides all students with training and guidance in project planning and management, at the start of each project.  CEED also provides advice and troubleshooting throughout the project, as required.

Here are some project ideas, to start you thinking:

Engineering:  manufacturing/business process analysis and improvement, product research and development, proof-of-concept, engineering design (including CAD), ‘Lean’ manufacturing for process improvement, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, automation/robotics, feasibility studies, plant layouts & improvements, electronics design and prototyping, design/fabrication of components, Finite Element Analysis, modelling (2D, 3D), quality assurance program updates and audits, water/energy optimisation audits and plans, asset management, risk assessment, preventative maintenance, whole-of-life cost modelling for assets/machinery, test monitoring & reporting, production planning and control, materials handling, waste management, environmental monitoring plans, WH&S / OH&S, process control, condition monitoring.

Tony Hung, Australia Post projectInformation Technology:  software modelling, web/intranet application development, web services, data communications, telecommunications, database development, programming, data mining, software prototyping, IT/information & data flow mapping & analysis, improvement of business/IT processes.

Business:  develop a log to track competency training, 360o feedback, design & conduct marketing research (customers, industry, product), develop marketing plan, gather market intelligence, develop an advertising or public relations program (internal or external), OH&S guidelines and compliance, finance/accounting, measure/improve employee satisfaction, systemise identification and tracking of R&D expenditure – to maximise tax concession claims.

Mathematics:  operations research, mathematical and statistical modelling, computational fluid dynamics, quality management.

Science:  laboratory work/testing, study of virus behaviour, genetic and other scientific research (Biotechnology / Biology), chemical analysis, computing science.

If you have a project idea that is not listed above, email or give us a call to discuss.  This list is only a guide - many other project types are suitable, too.