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CEED is open to domestic and international students.  Students must be currently enrolled (or due to enrol shortly) at the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), or the University of Sydney (USYDNEY) in the advertised timeframe of each project.  Graduates are not eligible for CEED projects.  From 2010, Master of IT students and final year Engineering students (AMME and EIE) from the University of Sydney can also participate in (Sydney-based) CEED projects.

Projects are advertised for completion over various times of the year:  

  • Summer semester (Masters students only)
  • Summer vacation + 1st semester (final year undergraduate students only)
  • 1st semester (final year and Masters students)
  • 2nd semester (final year and Masters students)
  • Whole-of-year (some students can do whole-year projects, depending on their course structure)

CEED projects are suited to full-time students, because of the requirement to work a minimum of 3 days/week throughout the semester (on-site) with the industry partner. Most projects require a student in their final undergraduate year, Honours year, or undertaking a coursework Masters degree.  The type of student required will be advertised with each project.  We request that students check the project advertisements carefully, to ensure they meet all of the requirements, before applying.

Most CEED projects are ‘individual’ rather than ‘team’ projects – ie. 1 student per project.  However, if more than one student is required by the company for a project, the project advertisement will mention this.  Students are required to submit individual (not team) theses/reports, for assessment.

There is no minimum GPA required by CEED – a student is chosen for each project by the industry partner, via an application and interview process.  Clients select a student based on a  number of factors, such as their ability to communicate well, completion of relevant subjects, work experience in a related area, previous employment history.  Occasionally, a client will request applicants with a specific minimum GPA – if so, the project advertisement will state this requirement.  Otherwise, all eligible students may apply.

Each University has their own rules for eligibility and unit requirements for undertaking a project (CEED or non-CEED).  Below is a list of rules that CEED are aware of.  Please note that from time to time these rules change ... and there might be other rules that we are not aware of.  Therefore, students must confirm whether they will be allowed to enrol in a CEED project, with their course co-ordinator.  Students (especially Masters students) must confirm their eligibility before applying for projects, so they don’t waste time applying for projects they won’t be allowed to undertake.

University Eligibility Rules and Requirements

UniversityCourse/DegreeEligibility Requirements
USYDNEY Master of IT Students need to confirm their eligibility with Shari Lee (School Manager) in the School of IT.
From 2010, eligible students can enrol in a 12cps project unit as part of their coursework Masters, to complete a CEED project.

Students must be available to work onsite with the host company for 3 days/week throughout the project duration (one semester).  Depending on Uni timetable, the student will work some half days, as well as some full days - making up 3 days/week.

Students will have an academic supervisor, and a company supervisor.

University of Sydney academic assessment guidelines apply for CEED projects.

Note for International students on student visa's:  you are still allowed to work 20 hours/week, in addition to a CEED project.  The project is part of your studies / coursework ... not counted as work / employment.

Contact Shari Lee / Bernhard Scholz with queries
UQ Master of Software Engineering (or other M.Eng degrees - School of IT & Electrical Engineering)
or Master of IT
Projects are worth 4 units.  
Contact Mithulan Nadarajah or your thesis co-ordinator with queries.

Projects are worth 4 units for Master of IT students too.  Contact Joel Carpenter or Peter Sutton with queries.
USQ Master of Computing Students complete a 4 unit research project. Must have completed 2 unit course (subject) - 'MSC8001 Research Project Methodology' - before enrolling in 'MSC8002 Research Project Dissertation' to undertake their project. Contact Ron Addie with queries
QUT Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering, Master of Project Management, Master of Infrastructure Management Worth 12cps towards degree.  Contact Prasad Yarlagadda or your course co-ordinator (QUT) with queries and to check suitability of projects for assessment, before applying.
USQ Master of Engineering Technology Minimum GPA of 5.0.  Must have completed 6 x USQ courses (ie.units) before being allowed to enrol in 'Eng8002 Project and Dissertation'. Contact Tony Ahfock or David Thorpe at USQ with queries.
QUT Master of Business – Marketing, Strategic Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communications, Public Relations CEED project to be completed in final semester of Masters degree.  Projects are worth 24cps towards the degree.  Contact Amanda Beatson or Udo Gottlieb at QUT with queries.
QUT Master of Business - Human Resources Management CEED project to be completed (preferably) in final semester of degree.  Master of HRM students receive 12-24cps. Contact Paul Davidson or Narelle Prior at QUT with queries.
QUT Master of Business – International Business IB students need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.  While there is room for these students to undertake a CEED project as an elective, they must have already completed 96cp of study before enrolling for a project & many would have already utilised their elective option(s) at that point. Contact Bill Proud or Amanda Beatson at QUT with queries.
QUT MBA - Master of Business Administration From 2008, full-time MBA students can undertake a CEED project, near the end of their degree.  The project will be completed over 2 x consecutive Teaching Periods (TPs) - with credit worth 12cps (6cps per TP).  Please refer to MBA Co-ordinator at QUT to check eligibility and whether a project can fit into your course structure.
QUT Master of Business (Professional Accounting); and
M.Business - Professional Accounting - Advanced
BS17 Master of Business (Professional Accounting) Advanced:
  • Must have completed compulsory units (12 units - 144 credit points, includes units for which an exemption has been granted based on prior study) and thus have 48 credit points of elective study remaining.

Contact Stuart Tooley at QUT with any queries.
UQ Master of Biotechnology / Biology 8 unit projects can be broken into 4 units/semester. Honours students can do a 2 x semester project - 1st and 2nd. Projects are worth 4 or 8 units. Contact Ross Barnard at UQ with queries.

Final year – Bachelor of IT (including Games & Interactive Entertainment; Corporate Systems Management; BPM; and other majors


Master of IT (all majors)

Refer to Hasmukh Morarji to check your enrolment options for a CEED project.  Students use 2 x elective or project units (=24cps) to do CEED project.

NOTE: CEED projects are NOT suitable for (group) final year B.IT capstone projects - you need other project/elective units available for enrolling in a CEED project.

Hasmukh Morarji can assist M.IT students with queries for enrolment in IFN701 / IFN702 project units (24cps per project)
UQ Final year - Bachelor of IT, Master of IT, Interaction Design, Multimedia Design

Students will receive 4 units for a CEED project.  Normally the project is completed in one semester ... but some students can enrol in a project over two semesters (final year students); Masters projects are completed over one semester.

Students must be available to work on the project, onsite, for 3 days/week throughout the semester (2 days/week for whole year projects - eg. Sem1+2).

See Joel Carpenter in School of ITEE for enrolment and academic supervision queries.

QUT, UQ, USQ, USYDNEY B. Engineering (all areas) - eligibility of CEED projects towards 60 days' required industrial / work experience. See notes below related to each Uni:

UQ:      Students can claim CEED project towards Professional Practice - 30 days minimum, and up to 60 days (if student is working under supervision of a qualified Engineer) - for time spent on project during vacation OR during semester.  Students must contact EAIT Faculty office, to have their project assessed on a case by case basis. A separate work report must be submitted for assessment, to claim those days towards the 60 days’ professional practice requirement.  Contact Ingo Jahn (Mechanical Eng) or Peter Lindsay (ITEE degrees) with queries.

QUT:    Students can claim CEED project towards WIL - 30 days minimum, and up to 60 days (if student is working under supervision of a qualified Engineer) - for time spent on project during vacation OR during semester. Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A separate work report for WIL must be submitted for assessment.  For queries, contact Eng WIL Co-ordinator.

USQ:    Students must enrol in Professional Practice subject as well as project to gain credit.  CEED project does provide credit for 60 days work experience, but a separate work report must also be submitted for assessment, as part of Prof. Practice subject. Contact Chris Snook (Toowoomba) or David Thorpe (Springfield) with queries.

USYDNEY:  Please refer to your thesis co-ordinator to confirm.
QUT B.Mechanical,
Electrical, Software,  
Computer Systems,
Civil / Environmental, Process Engineering
A CEED project is worth 24 credit points towards your degree - as a final year thesis project (all unit requirements must be met).

As of 2017, to enrol in your final year thesis in a single semester (ie. 1st or 2nd) rather than across a whole-year, you must seek / gain permission from your subject area co-ordinator. The unit is EGH 408. QUT will assess each request on a case by case basis.  Please contact Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda in the first instance (QUT CEED Engineering project co-ordinator).

A CEED project can also count towards WIL, but this will be assessed by QUT on a case-by-case basis.  Please speak to the WIL co-ordinator in your school for more information.

For 24cps projects, you must be available to work on the project, onsite, for 3 days/week.  If you are allowed to enrol in WIL at the same time as your project, you will (in effect) gain 36cps for your thesis.  Therefore you'll be required to spend 4 days/week on your project. Separate/additional assessment requirements apply for WIL.

Engineering contacts:  
Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda (ME/EE)
Les Dawes or Richard Brown (Civil, Environmental)
UQ B.Mechanical /
Mechanical and Aerospace

For Mechanical students to gain 6 units for a project, you must enrol and start the project prior to start of semester (otherwise you may only receive 4 units).

Mechanical & Aerospace students receive 4-6 units - confirm your individual situation with Ingo Jahn.

ME students - Note your Project Proposal is due for assessment in Week 3 of semester.  Contact Ingo Jahn (ME) / Joel Carpenter (ITEE) for additional assessment guidelines.

UQ B.Electrical Engineering and other ITEE degrees Students may complete their CEED project in one or two semesters (depending on their enrolment options). ITEE theses are normally worth 4units (but occasionally they are worth 6units - check with your thesis coordinator).  Contact Joel Carpenter / Peter Sutton at UQ with queries.
QUT B.Aerospace Avionics Engineering Student can seek formal approval to get 36cps in 1 sem (ie. project + 12cps for 1 elective) so students can complete a 1 semester project or they can grant 24cps for a 1 sem project if student only needs to do a project (for industry exp) to graduate.  Students must complete 60 days industrial experience before graduating. An additional 10 days specialist industrial experience must be obtained in the aerospace avionics industry. Contact Prof Prasad Yarlagadda with queries.
QUT B.Medical Engineering

According to Gary Chadwick at QUT, projects can be completed over 1 or 2 semesters, depending on what you enrol in.

ME48:  This is a 48CP unit and may be taken in one semester or over two semesters, as necessary. Industrial Experience is also included in the CEED project but does not attract any credit points.

EN40:  This is a 24CP unit and may be taken in one semester or over two semesters, as necessary.  The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) unit can be added to the CEED project (at QUT's discretion).  WIL is worth 12CP; giving 36CP in total (in effect) for your thesis (if granted by QUT).

UQ B.Food Technology or
M. Food Studies
From 2010, 3rd year B.Food Technology students - you are allowed to utilise a CEED project as your 20 week work placement.  You will be eligible for 8 units academic credit.  Therefore, you will work onsite with the company for 5 days/week throughout the 20 week placement.  Placements commence end-June/early-July.  Contact Ranjan Sharma - course coordinator with enrolment/assessment queries.  Students receive a scholarship (like all CEED students).

From 2010, Master of Food Studies (Advanced) can complete an industry project/placement in the final semester of your Masters degree.   You will be eligible for 8 units academic credit.  Therefore, you will work onsite with the company for 5 days/week over the one semester placement.  Placements/projects can be completed in 1st or 2nd semester. Contact Mark Turner - course coordinator with enrolment/assessment queries.