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Projects are initially identified by CEED, and confirmed/negotiated between the client and, if required, the applicable University school or department (at UQ, QUT and USQ), to ensure projects can be completed by a student in the timeframe, and can be assessed by the university as part of the applicable degree.  However, if a student knows of a company/contact who would like to host their project, CEED can speak to the company on behalf of the student, with a view to setting up and managing the project via CEED (please email details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , including email address/phone number for you, and the company – if known).

All projects are advertised on the CEED website.  Students who have registered with CEED receive auto-emails each time a new project is advertised in their area of study.  CEED also forwards project details to each of the relevant course co-ordinators at UQ, QUT and USQ for on-forwarding to their classes.  A list of current available projects can be found  on CEED’s homepage - here.

How to register with CEED

Before applying for projects, students must be ‘registered’ with CEED (non-registered students can still view project details, but can’t apply).

To register / sign-up, click here or go to the homepage.

How to apply for projects

Once registered, students can log-in (on homepage), view details of all Projects Available Now, and tick the ‘Apply’ box next to any/all project/s that they are interested in (apply for as many projects as you like).  

Students must also upload their current resume (including academic history/results and course GPA) to the CEED website.  CEED can only send application/s to companies, when the student has provided a resume.  Therefore, if students don’t provide a resume, they miss out on being considered by companies for their projects.

CEED provides (free) assistance to students preparing/improving their resume for CEED applications – email Deidre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Deidre has over 10 years of recruitment experience, helping people with their resumes and interview skills ... so feel free to ask for her advice.  You’ll also find links to Resume tips/sites located here.  Students can upload a new/updated version of their resume to the CEED website, whenever required.  The new resume will ‘overwrite’ the old version.

Application checklist – before applying:

  • Project location – can you get there?  If you don’t have a car, check whether you can get to the location by public transport (visit: – use the Journey Planner to check public transport availability – or phone Translink on: 13 12 30).  Think about whether you can travel to the project location for 3 days/week (minimum) throughout the project.  Ask CEED for further location details (i.e. street/road), if required.
  • Project timing – are you available for the duration of the project?  Can you enrol in a project for that semester?  Only apply if you’ll be available for the advertised semester.
  • Is the project applicable to your degree?  i.e. if you’re studying IT, don’t apply for a Marketing project.  If you’re studying Mechanical Engineering, you probably won’t be able to get credit for an IT programming project.  Target/apply for projects directly related to your degree.
  • Feel free to apply for as many projects as you like (keeping the above points in mind).  Sometimes, it takes a few applications before a student is selected for a project ... so be persistent!  It demonstrates your enthusiasm/interest and the interview experience gained now can be used when applying for graduate employment.
  • Do you have the skills / experience required for the project?  Sometimes, companies ask for specific knowledge, skills or experience.  Please read the project advertisement carefully, before applying. 
  • Have you uploaded your resume, or does it need to be updated to highlight skills/experience required for a specific project?  Please upload/update your resume on the CEED website before midnight on the application ‘close date’.  If you’re applying for a few projects with different requirements/criteria, consider emailing separate application letters to CEED – highlighting why your skills/experience/interests are well suited, for each project (CEED will send the relevant letter to each company, along with your resume).

Dive right in!What happens to my project application/s?

As students apply for project/s on the CEED website, CEED receives all application details and we keep track of who has applied for each project.

Each project has an application ‘close date’.  The morning after each close date, CEED emails all of the applicants’ resumes (and application letters, if received), to each company.  The company chooses which students they want to interview, and CEED liaises with the company and their selection of students, to organise the interviews.  Interviews are held at the company’s premises.  

After interviews have been completed, the company chooses which student they’d like to offer their project to.  CEED will contact the successful applicant and offer them the project (on behalf of the company).  The student can accept or decline the offer.  Once a student has accepted a project, CEED notifies other applicants that they have missed out, so they can keep applying for other projects.  

What happens after I’m selected for a project?

When a student accepts a project, they need to confirm their enrolment for the project (so they receive the right amount of credit points/units).  The student will also need to find an appropriate academic supervisor for their project (someone who will be able to provide technical advice/support, if applicable).  Some course co-ordinators will appoint an academic supervisor for the student, instead of the student having to find their own (CEED will advise students accordingly).  In either case, if the student has a supervisor in mind, they should advise CEED and/or their course co-ordinator.

The student will have two supervisors for the project - one from the host company and one from their University school or department.  The project is supervised jointly, and CEED oversees the student’s progress from start to finish.  The CEED Program Director and staff are available to help solve any issues or answer queries that may arise during the project.  CEED’s aim is to help both the student and client gain a very good project result.  Students are also given an induction session and training in project planning and management, at the start of their project.

What will I be assessed on - as part of my project?

Riley Small, at UQ Innovation Expo 2007Each University has it’s own assessment criteria.  However, all students are assessed on their thesis/final report and most students are assessed on their final oral presentation.

In addition, some students are assessed on their project plan/proposal ... and poster / demonstration.  It is the student’s responsibility to check assessment criteria / guidelines with their course co-ordinator.  CEED will provide assistance wherever possible.

The CEED Program Director is also available to review students' draft theses and presentations, with advance notice, and provide feedback/suggestions for improvement.