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A final year Mechanical Engineering student , "Appu" completed an environmental management project with Bayer CropScience in 2007.

Appu has some advice for students interested in applying for CEED projects:

"I had been interviewed by other companies before.  It helps to have some experience, as the interviewers at Bayer were interested in my resume because I had prior work experience and I had a fair knowledge of safe working practices.  At the interview, there was little emphasis on grades and more emphasis on a student's interest in the subject/project."

Before applying for a project, Appu suggests that students "take time and read about the project and evaluate your situation before jumping at just any project.  Also choose the right academic supervisor and discuss the possible outcomes of the project.  All the external support needed is taken care of by the people at CEED, which works as an added advantage for students."

After completion of his project, Appu commented that, "Through my project, a lot of the knowledge gained from my course work was put to the test.  Especially related to environmental engineering, energy audits, professional practice, mechanics, CAD and thermodynamics".

"CEED projects are an excellent opportunity for students to get industry exposure with the strong guidance from not one, but three sources and support in every step through the project.  The credit points and scholarship are a great attraction for the students.  All in all, I would say I had a great experience working at Bayer CropScience and enjoyed timely support from my academic supervisor and CEED co-ordinators."