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Dom completed a Mech Eng project for Amcor in 2007...

Dom Mijic - QUT Mechanical Engineering student, 2007

In 2009, and working as a Manufacturing graduate with Visy (a large Australian packaging company), Dom wrote to CEED wanting to share his CEED experience with students thinking about whether or not to do a CEED project:

From Dom:  "I was introduced to the CEED program and its concept back in 2006 from a fellow student in one of my university group assignments, and attended an information session by CEED Director, Graham Willett.  Through the presentation I instantly saw the benefits of gaining a CEED project and scholarship.

To me, most important was the real-life experience, not to mention the scholarship money and extra support that the CEED program provides to students.

In the second semester of 2007, I applied for many CEED projects and fortunately, I was selected for a project at Amcor Beverage Cans in Rocklea, where I learnt what the real world of engineering and what manufacturing is all about.  I was in charge of my own project in which I learnt many facets of the company.

Graham had alerted me to the future benefits of CEED experience, and at the time, I didn’t understand the full value it would bring. I finished my project at Amcor, and graduated QUT with my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in February 2008. I moved to Sydney, and after some months got serious about a career.

My CEED ‘experience’, even though 5 months, was enough to get a lot of attention from potential employers.  I applied for the Visy Graduate Program, and got into the first round of interviews straight away, due to my experience which gave me a leap in front of other new graduates. 18 positions were available Australia-wide in the 2009 program, and due to the fact that I had gained experience (thanks to CEED) at Amcor, I was the first to be given a spot in the program.  

Today, as a Manufacturing Graduate for Visy Beverage, I am sitting behind my desk, writing this, with the sound of beverage cans speeding by in the background, grateful towards the CEED program.  Without it, I would not have the opportunity I have today.

To any student who it is thinking about applying for a CEED project, just do it. This is one of the few instances in life where you are guaranteed to come away better off. A project with CEED provides solid experience and opens up many future possibilities”. 

Dom Mijic.CEED student 2007