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Unedited comments from 2010 CEED students, after their projects

These are actual (unedited) comments made by CEED students after their projects (Summer semester or Semester 1, 2010):

Q: What did you enjoy most about your CEED project?

"Doing real work in a real company that is going to become a real product.  Ability to negotiate the scope of the project as and when required.  No exams."

"Real world application of things learnt at uni"

"Acquiring domain knowledge"

"Being able to put what i have learnt from class rooms into practice."

"Gaining Practical industry exposure and being able to apply my classroom learnings to real world."

"Understanding of operations within industry. Learning how to interact with other staff to get work done."

"Performing tasks with a practical application"

"Enjoyed the responsibility of managing a project myself.  Communicating with the client to establish project objectives.  Working on a practical application that will actually be used."

"The experience of practical learning outside the lecture theater and managing a project independently."

"Applying the theory to working machines and real people."

"The chance to work in real world, job setting. This helped me gain very valuable experience."

"This was the real-world industry project experience."

"CEED personnel were very supportive and I learned about industrial projects."

"Real world experiance has no substitute"

"I enjoyed working on an actual product that will go into the marketplace and gaining real world experience."

"Real life environment and having a real customer makes it easier to understand the requirements, all the required infrastructure is in place for implementation and validation which is hard to find at classrooms"

"Having a set working time, along with constant interaction with a team member, allowed more progress than is normally possible in university projects."

"Learning more about the wide number of processes involved with the manufacturing industry."

"Hands on experience with the aircraft as well as a friendly informal atmosphere"

"Working in the real world"

"I was mentored by solution architects!"

"Project was a very relevant practical application of knowledge learnt at uni."

General comments from student respondents during the survey:

"I think its a fantastic way for students to gain more experience before they graduate. This stuff desn't get all get taught at University. You get experience with lots of other things such as liasing with representatives from other companies and working in an actual engineering environment."

"Very heavy workload but worth the valuable learning experience"

"What can I say?  It's a great programme, it has allowed me to achieve everything that I wanted to, including finishing my degree 6 months earlier than originally planned, so keep up the good work!"

The respondents of this survey were from the following degrees/disciplines (duplicates removed):

  • B.Engineering - Mechatronics
  • B.Engineering - Mechanical
  • B.Engineering - Electrical
  • B.Engineering - Software
  • B.Engineering - Computer Systems
  • B.Engineering - Mechanical & Aerospace
  • Bachelor of IT
  • Bachelor of Law/Business Management
  • Master of IT
  • Master of IT (Advanced)
  • MBA
  • Masters in Engineering Management
  • Master of Business Process Management