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Students: Alexander Leong (final year S'ware Eng QUT) and Gaurav Gogoi (M.Eng Science UQ)

Students build software tool to increase visibility of business information and metrics at Suncorp

Two CEED students are assisting Suncorp to increase the visibility of business and application activity monitoring and metrics within their insurance business, via a new software ‘dashboard’.

The students (Alexander Leong and Gaurav Gogoi) have recently finalized the planning stage of the project, and are now analysing various dashboard solutions from a technical perspective - how they work and the way in which they are put together. The students are working together in a ‘paired programming’ situation (seated next to each other) so are working in a very collaborative manner to achieve the project goals.

Suncorp project - Alexander Leong and Gaurav Gogoi (CEED students) 2013 
 Above:  CEED students Alexander Leong and
 Gaurav Gogoi are developing a software dashboard
 tool.  The dashboard displays user friendly, real-time 
 key metrics for use by Suncorp's insurance business

Gaurav and Alexander’s main project goal is to develop a single view dashboard which will arrange key metrics for viewing by users. With this goal in mind, using the Agile software development methodology, the students have been involved in fortnightly showcases to team leaders and updates to stakeholders so that there is constant communication of their progress through the project.

Alexander Leong (QUT) and international student from India, Gaurav Gogoi (UQ), both came across the CEED Program during an information session at their respective universities, last year. At that time, the students decided that a CEED project was the right thing for them. Gaurav, who is completing his Master of Engineering Science - majoring in Software, began searching for suitable projects during the second half of last year when he came across the Suncorp project. Alexander who is in his final year of Software Engineering is eager to learn as much as he can during the project.

Since commencing the project in February, the students have learned about new programming languages, dashboarding solutions and importantly, how a big organisation like Suncorp functions. Both students are enjoying gaining industry experience around experienced software developers and programmers, while continuing to learn about the operations of the company. Alexander and Gaurav have bought their researching skills, studies of web information and web application development, along with practical learning and assessment from university to help them grasp the tasks of their project.

Both Alexander and Gaurav feel that by completing this CEED project at Suncorp, they are gaining an exceptional insight into the IT industry as well as software development experience which they wouldn’t find elsewhere. The students also believe their CEED project will open up doors for them and give them an advantage over other job seekers when it comes to applying for graduate employment roles a little later.

Alexander and Gaurav are on track to complete their project at Suncorp in late June.

Written by Heylee Menzies (CEED Marketing Assistant – January to June 2013)

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