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Student:  Kayghobad Tirgari (Master of IT student, QUT)


One of Capral’s recent CEED projects involved analysis and streamlining of their order scheduling process, which means the site can continue to improve lead times and service to customers.

Capral Aluminium is the major manufacturer and distributor of aluminium profiles in Australia. The Bremer Park extrusion facility in Bundamba is the largest facility with the most up-to-date technology of its kind in Australia. When Master of IT student Kayghobad Tirgari from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) heard about the Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software project, he was excited to be selected for the project, which started in early March.


The production area at Capral's Bundamba plant

The project’s aim was to find a resolution for the bottle neck that was occurring in the order scheduling process. Before the project, the order scheduling approach involved manual planning of orders in an Excel spread sheet on a daily basis. This sometimes caused mis-communication between the two planners, resulting in filling the buffer (a storage area for work in progress), causing a stop in production of new orders, while existing orders were removed from the buffer.

Kayghobad needed to align the planning and scheduling capability within the Logistics Department at Capral, to eliminate the bottlenecks. Kayghobad’s main goal was to automate the communication and scheduling processes, to develop an automated agreement between the two planners. By automating this process, this will stop the buffer being filled up and therefore, streamline the production flow.

Capral stated their expected project outcomes were to replace the manual tools used to conduct the production planning and scheduling. So, Kayghobad is looking forward to seeing the software tool he developed during his project in use by the planners … resulting in improvements to their scheduling process.

One of the non-technical areas in which Kayghobad feels he improved were his researching skills, which gave him the capability to resolve issues along the way in his project.

Kayghobad recently said that “the industrial experience I’ve gained by completing this CEED project has been beyond amazing”. Everything he has learned is “so much more than what he has been taught in lectures at university”. He especially enjoys being part of a team in a real company where he is able to talk to people about the real project and his outcomes.

Kayghobad feels very privileged that Capral selected him to research and fix such an important issue for the company, which (once resolved) will add real value to their business.
He is also thankful for the project as he really enjoys programming and intends to pursue a software development role upon graduation.
Kayghobad completed the project (and his degree) in June.

Written by Heylee Menzies (CEED Marketing Assistant - January to August 2013

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