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Over the years, Touchwood Fire Doors have engaged more than twenty CEED students for innovative Engineering and Software Development projects.  But this time, the company decided they need to update their marketing materials and website.

Jeffrey Sung Touchwood Fire Door 1smallcrop
   Above: CEED student, Jeffrey Sung (M.Business - Marketing, QUT)

The placement of Jen-Chieh (Jeffrey) Sung, Master of Business – Marketing student from QUT, also marked a milestone for CEED in March 2015.  This is CEED’s 1,000th project! CEED is very pleased that Touchwood is hosting the 1,000th project … as the company was also involved when CEED celebrated its 500th project, in 2007.

Like many companies, Touchwood has mainly used brochures and flyers as their core marketing materials.  The company has relied heavily on returning customers, word-of-mouth and sales calls to potential clients with email follow-up. Jeffrey’s project, on the other hand, aims to enhance Touchwood’s online presence and marketing activities with the implementation of an appropriate and consistent branding strategy.

According to Jeffrey, this project is “a perfect match for my capabilities, interests and studies”. Jeffrey’s undergraduate degree in IT, experience in web design and development are certainly an asset to the project along with his current Marketing studies. 

During the planning stage of his project, Jeffrey identified that he will deliver the following outcomes for Touchwood:

  • Branding - a tagline and a few ‘slogans’ which will deliver the key values and business objectives of the brand;
  • a ‘capability statement’ which will later be used as part of the marketing materials;
  • re-designing documents utilizing the new branding strategy, eg. warranty document, product installation guide, reseller price list
  • update existing email templates;
  • update of the existing website content to reflect the new branding strategy;
  • and most importantly, developing a new website for Touchwood
Jeffrey Sung Touchwood Fire Door 2smallcrop

The development of a ‘capability statement’ is something new for Jeffrey. On the surface, it is a document that simply introduces a business in terms of ‘who we are, what we do, our values, our commitments, brief introduction about their products and services' (capabilities). However, during the process of writing it, Jeffrey needed to develop a holistic understanding of Touchwood's business from many aspects including business culture, market, and competitors in order to choose the right words, tone, colours and design to represent what the brand is or wants to become. As Jeffrey said, "after all, everything that Touchwood's clients will see, feel and read is an element of the company's brand".

Jeffrey is enjoying the opportunity to “act as an external consultant working closely with a client - providing suggestions, ideas and solutions on branding and marketing, while learning about these topics every day. After graduation, I would like to become a professional marketer who helps medium to large businesses design, improve and manage their branding strategies and identities.  This project has reinforced my career aspirations”.

Jeffrey is on track to complete his project in late June 2015.

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