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2007 Computer Systems Eng graduate


Graduate Success Story - Saurav Kataria

Former CEED student, Saurav Kataria credits his CEED project work with assisting him to achieve his first full-time job and additional project work after completion of his project ... and now a rewarding career in a large consulting company.

Saurav completed a CEED project with RSA Security in 2007 (as a final year Computer Systems Engineering student from QUT), where he successfully delivered the remote start-up of a server based on key attributes of the hardware.  He was offered to continue work with RSA Security in the same team but chose to move into a consulting role instead of technology research.

“Working on a CEED project with RSA Security provided me with invaluable, hands-on experience in the software and security industry.  Having worked with such a reputable company and being able to be a part of some interesting projects was a great plus in my future job applications. As a result till date it was helped me start conversations with my clients on this aspect as and when required,” said Saurav.

Saurav Kataria - CEED graduate 
 Above: Saurav Kataria (CEED graduate), now working
 as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young

Saurav was (until mid-2011) a senior consultant in the performance improvement group of advisory at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers).  Since joining the company in late 2009 he helped his clients by innovatively delivering analytic findings and high-level designs corresponding to their key requirements. His role includes business process design exercises (program and project management) through to functional and detailed design specifications and test planning. His key areas of expertise are business process analysis, health and tax office business processes, IT strategy & Quality Assurance.

After completing his Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering degree at Queensland University of Technology in 2007, he sought and was offered jobs in technology research, IT, mining and business consulting.

“I decided to choose business consulting for a career as I saw it being a great opportunity to broaden my skills and expertise in process redesign and lean consulting,” said Saurav.

“I really enjoy the aspect of working on various business solutions for clients.  Since being involved in consulting, I have been lucky to work on a number of interesting projects across different fields including Queensland Health’s eMR (Electronic Medical Records) Viewer Project, a global ERP rollout for Vale (2nd Largest Mining Company) and the ECMP Change-Program for the Australian Tax Office.

“I am excited about the potential in my consulting career and hopefully can combine a love of travel with my work.”

Saurav added that his tip for students in seeking their desired career path was, ‘Always be passionate about your work and see yourself as an asset to the organisation you join. If you seek excellence, I can assure success will come your way."

In mid-2011, Saurav commenced as a Senior Consultant in IT Advisory, with Ernst & Young, in Brisbane.



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